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So, what’s regenerative?

At Always Grazing, we source and deliver high quality meat from a different regenerative farm each month.

We’re Alex & Eddy. 

Our Story

Long before the dawn of the supermarket, meat was a sacred part of our diets. Friends, families and neighbours banded together to buy livestock from local farmers, divvying up the butchered parts into every imaginable cut, feeding a whole community for months.

Our food is now little more than a bland commodity on a supermarket shelf. We end up putting more thought into choosing our builder or hairdresser than the person who grows our food.

Always Grazing is here to break that disconnect between you and your meat, inspiring you to go beyond the butchers counter and start thinking more deeply about the origins of your food.

Each batch is a unique story of the farmers, producers and butchers behind your food. The accompanying seasonal recipe collection curated by our in-house chefs is designed as a guide to cooking and eating better; for you and the planet.

With a limited number of batches available, we ensure you’re always getting products from small scale farmers.

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