Woodland Reared Tomapork - French Trim

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A pork tomahawk or affectionately known as the "TOMAPORK" is essentially a pork loin steak with the bone left on and belly still attached (whole) or removed for a french trimmed version. These showstoppers are amazing marinated and grilled on a bbq.


2 x 300g pork Tomaporks (organic, regenerative, saddleback breed)

Feeds 2 hungry people or can be shared with up to 4.

**This product is frozen and vacuum packed as soon as it’s butchered. This helps to seal in flavour & keep the meat as fresh as the day it was butchered.**



Fraiser Aitken is a farmer from York with rare breed Saddleback and Durack cross pigs. He rotates his pigs around woodland, eating acorns, shrubs, roots and seeds which help to build flavour. The rooting pigs help to develop grasses and removing some plants that are toxic to trees.