Pork Steaks

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You’ve got two options for pork steaks, cook them super fast so they’re juicy and tender or low and slow for a pulled pork style dish.


2 x pork steaks (organic, regenerative, saddleback breed)

**This product is frozen and vacuum packed as soon as it’s butchered. This helps to seal in flavour & keep the meat as fresh as the day it was butchered.**


Pack Sizes:

Small - 250g - 300g

Medium - 300g-400g

Large - 400g-500g


Sam Vincent is a farmer from Dorset, his saddlebacks are rotated around woodland and pasture, they root for acorns, roots and seeds which help to build flavour. Saddlebacks are a slow growing British breed.  The pigs are fed organic feed and also help in creating compost that goes back into creating healthier soil.