Pork Chops

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What do you call a pig that does karate? Pork chop. Sorry that was leftover from a Christmas cracker and I couldn’t resist.

Sink your teeth into a couple of regenerative pork chops, meaty and delicious.


2 x pork chops approx 400g (organic, regenerative, saddleback breed)

**This product is frozen and vacuum packed as soon as it’s butchered. This helps to seal in flavour & keep the meat as fresh as the day it was butchered.**


Check out our insta for the best piggy pics! Our woodland reared pork comes from pigs that run free range through the forestry on Escrick Park Estate, near York, North Yorkshire.

Fraiser manages the pigs alongside the forestry on the estate to assist with organic management of weeds in the forest. Himalayan Balsam and Bracken in particular.  The pigs are moved to a fresh piece of woodland every 7 to 28 days, depending on their size and the number of pigs in the paddock. This way the pigs aren't left in the same area long enough to damage the vegetation and just long enough to stimulate the forest floor to encourage new growth.