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The who dares, wins.

Stepping up to the challenge of cooking Offal is incredibly rewarding, both in your cooking skills and in providing an explosion of nutrients to maintain a healthy life. 

We have a variety of Offal availble please select from the drop down menu and being your adventure. 



Lambs Liver

- Lambs Kidney 

- Pig Jowls (Jaw/cheek)

- Pork Trotters

- Lambs Heart

- Ox Liver

- Ox Tongue 

- Ox Heart 

- Ox Kidney

- Pork Kidney

**This product is frozen and vacuum packed as soon as it’s butchered. This helps to seal in flavour & keep the meat as fresh as the day it was butchered.**


What is Offal? 

Offal is the hidden gem of cooking, they're cheap cuts of meat, flavoursome and bursting with nutrients. Cultures around the world regularly have offal in their meals, but in the U.K. we have fallen out of love with it. Offal is usually the organs and fringe parts of the animal, in lots of cases they are discarded.