Grass Fed Lamb Chops

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Beautiful and tender lamb chops, best served pink with redcurrant jelly. Try marinating the chops with herbs and garlic or chilli before cooking, or rub spices such as coriander, cumin or mustard into the chops for extra flavour.


2 (250g) OR 4 (500g) Grass-Fed Lamb Chops (+\-10%)


The Farmer

Our Lamb hails from the Cumbrian hills, farmed by Gemma & Trevor Dobson and their army of toddlers who know more than we do about grazing!

In the stunning Eden Valley, they graze Dexter cattle, Tamworth pigs and their flock of Suffolk X Whiteface sheep. They are undergoing a huge re-seeding and regeneration of their land, planting grasses, herbs and legumes that will improve the soil, root structures and capture more carbon across their land. They also hope to increase and preserve their population of ground-nesting Curlews and Lapwings.