Lamb 'Cull Ewe' Shoulder with Honey & Herbs

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Boned out and ready to roast, this shoulder has been prepped and marinaded so all you have to do is pop it in the oven and let it slow cook until it's fall-apart tender.

We've included a recipe card for getting the final dish prepped, but it's as simple as transferring the shoulder to a roasting tin, adding a bottle of wine and leaving it to slow cook for 4/5 hours. 



1 x Shoulder of "Lamb" with herb marinade

1 x Recipe Card 



Lamb, thyme, rosemary, oregano, olive oil, garlic, lemon, honey, salt, pepper.


Cull ewe (or yaw, if you’re Cornish) is a relatively new idea, born from the idea of grazing and fattening mothering sheep at retirement age using regenerative farming methods.

Cull Ewe has been popping up on menus in loads of London’s top restaurants and now you have the opportunity to try some for yourself.

Older lamb or mutton can lack the tenderness of new lamb, but cull ewe is something else entirely. The cull ewes are rotated around rich grass which adds plenty of fat cover, this is further emphasised by weeks of dry ageing. This creates a beautiful soft texture and a rich lamb flavour.

Our farmer - Max - also known as The Regenerative Sheep Farmer, was inspired to start his cull ewe flock by his mentor and one of the UK's leading voices on regenerative agriculture, Matt Chatfield of the Cornwall Project.

We have a full ‘cull ewe’ lamb available in different cuts, from chops to slow-cooked shoulders. It’s something you won’t have tried before and will definitely be back again.