Luxury Spring Box of the Week

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In this weeks 'box of the week' we have a selection of the finest regenerative spring meat.

Four loin lamb chops, perfect served pink with a spoonful of red currant jelly or mint sauce.

Nduja made with high welfare, heritage breed pork and pork fat, along with heaps of locally-smoked chillis, dried tomatoes and anchovy oil. Perfect for smearing on bread, adding to a pizza, using as a pizza topping or snazzying up your spag bol.

Two delicate fillet steaks, for a luxury steak night, serve with a bernaise sauce or a peppercorn sauce.

Our wild venison meatballs are BACK! With mustard and dill they’re great served in a creamy mushroom sauce with crusty bread or pasta.



2 x Fillet steaks 150g each

Wild Vension Meatballs - 300g

4 x Lamb Loin Chops - 250g each

1 x  Heritage British Pork Nduja - 50g




Sam is a regenerative farmer in an area of outstanding natural beauty in East Sussex. He runs a mob grazing system, where his herd are rotated around pasture, woodland and water meadows continually regenerating the soil wherever they go.



Our Lamb hails from the Cumbrian hills, farmed by Gemma & Trevor Dobson and their army of toddlers who know more than we do about grazing!

In the stunning Eden Valley, they graze Dexter cattle, Tamworth pigs and their flock of Suffolk X Whiteface sheep. They are undergoing a huge re-seeding and regeneration of their land, planting grasses, herbs and legumes that will improve the soil, root structures and capture more carbon across their land. They also hope to increase and preserving their population of ground-nesting Curlews and Lapwings.

Cured Meats

We are very excited to share our new collaboration with you, with our friends at Crown and Queue. We have begun to stock their regenerative cured sausages. Made using forgotten British recipes, brought back to life, using local breweries and wines, their cured meat is guaranteed to kick off your dinner in style.

The Hunter

Our venison comes through our partners at Hill Crest Farm Project, a regenerative beef, dairy and hogget farm. They have close ties with land management in the area and help support a local hunter by taking his produce. The Hunter stalks Roe Deer in the area to help manage the population as well as protecting neighbouring crops and forestry.