Always Grazing x Free Range Kitchen Beef Pies

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Organic, Regenerative Beef Shin Ragu pie and Beef Shin Mushroom pie. 

After selling out all of the pies from our previous collaboration with the Free Range Kitchen, we’ve decided to drop some hot new flavours! 

The beef in the pies is sourced from Limden Brook Organic Farm, who use regenerative practices to raise their Aberdeen Angus herd.

All of our pies are made with care and detail, so much so that even the lard used to make the pastry comes from regenerative farmed woodland pigs!

The Ragu is a mash-up of British and Italian flavours, it will cause an outcry in Italy, but it tastes amazing.

Our Beef Shin and Mushroom pie, is perfect with lashings of gravy, pulling yourself a pint and cosying up by the fire. 

We recommend one pie per person. 

Allow your pie to thaw before placing it in the oven at 180c for 30 minutes. We recommend covering with baking paper or foil about halfway through so it doesn’t overcook the pastry.